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Making Life Easier Is Our Primary Goal
Saving You Money And Giving You Your Time Back

Why Choose Relecon?

With all of the other companies out there why would you want to choose us? Simple, we stand by our motto of Making Life Easier. Our founder, Shawn Condra, started his career working for organizations developing tools to help the business within their organization keep track of sales metrics, provide mobile solutions for their sales force, provide configuration tools for building products, automating lengthy processes, etc. While this was great, after 13 years of working for multiple organizations he realized that he was only able to help that organization. With the drive to want to help many organizations, he branched off and started Relecon. Now, he is able to assist any organization looking to Make Life Easier.
Relecon - Quality of Service
Quality of Service
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We do our best to ensure we understand the requirements fully, in an effort to provide you with exactly what you are looking for.
Relecon - Dedicated Support
Dedicated Support
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We believe there is no end to the project life cycle. Issues arise, changes come up, we remain dedicated to our clients to ensure they have the least amount of downtime post launch.
Relecon - Customer Oriented
Customer Oriented
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Without our customers we do not exist. Therefore, customer service is very important to us, as well as, your happiness with our software solutions.
Relecon Founder - Shawn Condra
"Developing tools that save you and your employees time and money is our proof of success. We want you to focus on the important things in life, not worrying about having to work longer hours. With technology where it is, life, in work and at home, doesn't have to be as hard."
Shawn Condra
Founder and CEO